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Satellite over earth

Satellite communication systems now provide a wider range of services with ever-increasing functionality, data rates, mobility and security; all at lower costs than ever before.  As well as the satellites themselves, these satcom systems demand increasingly complex user terminals, ground stations and test equipment.  One example of this is Inmarsat’s BGAN system, which provides 3G services using sophisticated, high-efficiency QAM modulation and channel-coding schemes to provide secure circuit-switched and packet-switched services at rates up to 492kBits/second.

Tewkesbury Satellite Communications Ltd (TSC) provides specialist consultancy services to designers and manufacturers of commercial and military satcom products and equipment.  TSC’s principal consultant, Stuart Hall, has 15 years experience designing satcom products for land-portable, maritime, vehicular and aeronautical sectors.

TSC has the in-depth knowledge and technical expertise to assist its customers with all areas of satcom system design: from top-level system design to detailed software design, including physical-layer DSP software and algorithms development.  We can help you at every stage of your satcom product development lifecycle: from requirements capture and system architecture, through to detailed design and implementation, and on to integration and test.  Click on the links opposite for examples of how TSC could help you design and deliver your satellite communications solution.

Client confidentiality is critical to TSC’s success, so you can be assured that all information is handled with absolute discretion, typically under NDA.  TSC also guarantees that all work undertaken is performed to the highest professional standards.

Please e-mail us or call us on +44 (0)7765 552689.